About Us

Who we are

Dreamers at heart, we are a group of people beyond passionate about events and all the magic that makes them successful.

Our mission

Bring out the essence of the experience by telling a story with visual content.
- Being eyeball poets -

What we do

We dig deep into projects with a focus on what the event is trying to accomplish. Building out a design that draws in the target audience you are after.

Our story so far

We started producing events ourselves over 20 years ago, armed with a desire to bring people together and some extra time on our hands. In an era without the current ways to get promotional material created we took on learning event production and design ourselves. Without Youtube if you can believe that.

Soon after moving to the SF Bay Area our group of designers, promoters and dancers combined their forces to create a night dedicated to Bhangra in 2004. What started out as a passion project became an award winning event production in one of the toughest markets in North America. Non Stop Bhangra has become a staple experience in SF, and has since spread it's wing into multiple California markets.

Over 6 years ago we were introduced to the good people at HUSHconcerts who took us on as their main event designers. This has giving us the opportunity to design graphics for many high level events ranging from 600 people to some well over 10,000 draw events. We have worked on multi-city events, tours & festival stage graphics for some of the best festivals in North America.

In 2017 we decided to combine all of our talents and move away from just being branded as the "Indian" event company. To do this we founded our new parent company The Sonic Village with the purpose of growing as individuals as well as a business. We have learned a large amount of the experience we gained over the years translates to any business, from events to product launches.


Fast forward to today, we have produced hundreds of events in different cities, and designed graphics for countless promoters, business, and dreamers that are trying to create unique business experiences.  We actually have passion for this, and love sharing it with any client we work with selling any product they believe in. Hopefully you will become a part of our story and we can build out some wonderful experiences.


Our Process


Before any journey you need to set the course. Discovery is where we lay the ground work on what the goal is for the project, and what elements are needed to get us there.

Define Goal

Before any journey you need to set the course. Discovery is where we lay the ground work on what the goal is for the project, and what elements are needed to get us there. From layout preferences to sponsor partnerships requirements, we got you!

Source or Illustration

Armed with proper guidance and marching orders we dig into our design asset bins and comb the content licensing companies. If requested, we sharpen our iPad pencils and start illustrating elements to help bring life to your new piece of art. 


With all the gathered information and gathering assets we finally get to dig in and do the fun work. We start our design process by building out a few directions we feel fit your narrative and flush them out to a solid starting point to narrow down the final look. We aim to give you a few options to choose from.


Rarely is everything perfect on the first try. We work with the customary 2/3 rounds of revisions backed into any project, and then go hourly at a set fee from there. Many times a venue, partner, or board has a hard time making up it's mind or signing off, and here is where we get everything right for the final delivery.


After everything is signed off on we package up all the files you want and upload them to you in the cloud. Everything is named clearly, with any sub asset separated by asset so you and your team can move ahead with marketing.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Designs

    With a solid focus on getting the message across, we also work hard to make sure every pixel look sharp and the quality of files sent to the printer yield a professional product you will love posting on line or getting printed for the streets.

  • Unique Designs That Stand Out

    We are firm believers in taking time to make unique designs, graphics which don't look like everything else out there so that you stand out. From sourcing to Illustration, font choices, to colors used, it all matters.

  • Fast & Professional Turn Around

    With years of experience we pride ourselves on working as fast as possible with a streamlined process to help you hit deadlines and maximize your promotional window.

Do You Want to Start A Project?

We are here to work with you on getting the design you want for your next event. From club nights to company launch parties, there is always a need to have your coming out party look lit!